Perched in the foothills of the Andes, the world is your oyster in Mendoza, all directions open. Famed for its fine wines, it’s also the logical place to do visa hops from Valparaíso or Santiago. Some other notable attractions include beautiful urban parks, great cuisine, and an extremely fine artisanal market.

Every time I’ve come to Mendoza, my plan was to possibly rent here. It really seems not a bad city to stay in. However, it’s very tough to find suitable rentals. I’d always stay for a week or two though, and always appreciated my stay (especially the food).

Mendoza is not great for nomad cafes, but there are enough to get by.

Beirut CafeBeirut certainly has a nice setup. I’ll just give the heads-up that they seemed more of a gastropub than a cafe, per se. So they really pack out sometimes. They do have the caffeine though, and the wifi, and outlets inside too. Seemed alright in the later afternoon. Hours are from 7am to midnight every day.

BonafideBonafide also seems to be more or less alright. They have a few branches around the city. Hours are from 7:30am to 10pm.

There are also a couple of Starbucks in the Centro area. I should warn you that the one on San Martin, while having lots of seating, seems to have persistant wifi problems. Very strange for a Starbucks. If you go there, check if the wifi is working before buying a drink. Just a few blocks away, by Plaza España, there is another branch, which is smaller, but has reliable wifi. This smaller plaza might be the nicest of the little urban parks that dot the city.

A Word to the WiseThe artisanal market in Mendoza deserves special mention. I have been to a large number of these kinds of markets in my travels, and the one in Mendoza is the best that I’ve seen. They are clearly doing their quality control here. All of the wares are genuinely handmade, and a lot of it is original and creative. Need some presents for loved ones? You should be in fine, fine shape here. There are practically always at least several booths operating, but around 7pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays is when the full selection of booths should be present. Some of the best artists only come out on the weekends.

Have a great stay in Mendoza folks!