Pereira is the official coffee capitol of Colombia, and Colombians are very enthusiastic about their coffee. Therefore, some decent cafes are to be expected. There are a number over towards the east side of the city, which is more of an upscale neighborhood. Also, there are some in the vicinity of the central plaza.

El Barista Slow Coffee
The best nomad cafe, by far, is El Barista. Plenty of tables, both inside and outside, available power outlets, and an overall good vibe. They open at 2pm, which is not unusual for coffee places in Colombia, and they start to really pack out around 5pm. They are open till around midnight, and open every day except Sunday.

Abisinia Cafe
Abisinia is right around the corner from El Barista, and also has plenty of tables, both inside and out, and power outlets too. These are the two cafes on the east side of town, the upscale area. Abisinia is a bit more of a fancy place than El Barista. Again, it opens at 2pm, and starts to pack out around 5. I normally head for a cafe at around 2, and finish up about 5, so this schedule worked out very well for me personally. I’m not sure what time they shut, but I think it’s pretty late.

Cafe Torres VIP
Cafe Torres is a decent cafe, but they seriously need to work on their online presence. They don’t show up on Google Maps as a cafe, but as a “coffee store.” Google also says they are only open from 7 to 10 am. Anyways, they are a completely legit cafe, and they are definitely open at least till 5pm. I just happened to walk by them, and that’s how I found them. They have a bunch of indoor seating (much more than you can see in the picture). No outdoor seating, though, I’m afraid. They also have outlets. They are near the central plaza, two blocks south of it, on Carrera 10.

Cafe Jazmin
Finally, there is Cafe Jazmin, some few blocks west of the main plaza. They have tables in an upstairs section as well, and, as you can see, a few streetside tables as well, and also some outlets. Sorry, I’m not sure about the hours, but they should definitely be good between 2 and 5pm, M-Sa.

Pereira is not really a big tourist attraction. However, it is kind of the central point in that area of Colombia. The airport is there, and buses to various surrounding visitor destinations, such as Salento, Filandia, and Manizales. So nomads are likely to pass through, and quite possibly stay some days like I did.

Enjoy your visit!