The famous Floating Islands of Uros, pictured above, are really the big attraction in Puno, and well worth going to see. As far as the digital nomad cafe scene, I must inform you, Puno is not the place to find this. However, the work must get done! Cafes and caffeine are necessary! Therefore, various establishments that can fill the gap must be found when required. I found three such establishments in Puno, and hopefully they will work for you as well, should you be passing through.

Hotel El Buho
To give an idea of the cafe challenges in Puno, the first establishment is actually the cafe/restaurant associated with a hotel, the Hotel El Buho. This is actually the closest thing I saw to the kind of cafes that digital nomads typically frequent. You know, it has the wood tables, and looks like a cafe. It does not, however, show up under a search for “cafes.” You will have to search for the hotel, and it is underneath the hotel, and can be clearly seen from the street. This is all I can tell you.

Ricos Pan
The second place is Ricos Pan, on Monquegua Street. What you will see on the street level is a typical bakery storefront. However, they have a very large cafe/restaurant and seating area upstairs, complete with comfortable chairs, power outlets, and wifi of course. They can be quite busy during meal times, but are quieter going into the late afternoon (and other non-meal times as well, I am sure). Their hours are 6am to 10pm every day, except Sunday, when their hours are 3pm to 9:30pm.

A Mi Manera
The final place, A Mi Manera, is an Italian restaurant/cafe. They have a substantial loft and ground floor seating area, and outlets and wifi as well (and Italian food naturally). The hours are until 10pm daily.

Enjoy your stay in Puno!