Atacama really seems kind of an anomaly. In the driest region of the entire Earth, the Atacama Desert. Yet there is this super-popular spot, way up in the high mountain desert, with like a whole host of activities to do. These include seeing the Valley of the Moon, the Valley of Death, the glowing red rocks formation, stargazing tours, active geysers, the pink flamingos, the Pre-Incan Fort Quito, the Yearba Buena petrogyphs, floating in crystal blue lagunas on the desert plain, taking a balloon ride over the desert, and a wide assortment of volcano tours. Atacama is not a joke. There’s a ton to see and do there.

I also have to say that I thought there was something genuinely otherworldly about the place. First, there is the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of Death, both of which are certainly other worlds. Then, I actually had an encounter there with a phenomenon that shouldn’t have existed.

With all that being said, I thought the situation with the cafes there was surprisingly tough, especially considering the number of visitors. The issue is that practically all the places feel somewhat like a Star Wars cantina… even when they’re empty! – which is quite the trick. Now I have no problem with Star Wars cantinas, just to be clear. They’re just not so good for working.

Salon de Te
I never thought I would be including a cafe without wifi on this site. Doesn’t make sense. Cafes without wifi should be automatically excluded. However, there are limited work cafe options in Atacama, and Salon de Te was the one which felt least like a Star Wars cantina. They have coffee too, by the way, and a reasonable enough seating area, with an outlet or two as well. Their hours are 7:30am to 11pm every day.

La Franchuteria
Believe it or not, La Franchuteria is a high quality French bakery (or at least trying to be). They also have espresso drinks, and a pleasant enough seating area, and the wifi, and even an outlet. Lol, just one outlet (that I saw), by the bread oven. Does it feel like a Star Wars cantina even when it’s empty? It does. But I thought it was the best of the cantinas for working. It is located a few blocks away from the central plaza, pretty much on its own. Also note, that for some unknown reason, it shows up on some maps as Lefranchute. The hours are 7am to 8pm every day.

Cafe Peregrino
Peregrino technically has everything you need to work. There is a bit of indoor seating, and you are welcome to give it a try. On another side of things, it is certainly my top pick for watching the activity on the plaza, or hanging out with friends (if you have any).

San Pedro de Atacama. It’s an unusual place. Driest unusual place on the Earth, I would guess. Cafe scene there needs a bit of work though. Tons of visitors. If anyone is thinking of opening up a nomad cafe, it’s probably a good spot. Might already be something new there.

Have a great stay in Atacama folks! Watch out for those unexplained phenomena now!