Tacna is right at the border with Chile, and I think nomads have some karma with such cities. It feels very much like a typical dusty border town, although it is actually a sizable city. It is extremely arid, but the locals have clearly tried to green the place up a bit, like with the lush walkway pictured above. Additionally, there appears to be more than your average amount of singing and dancing, especially in the main plaza, although it’s very luck of the draw to catch it.

With the cafes, a number don’t have operational wifi. There are not a lot of suitable cafes, but here are at least a few that should get you through your stay.

Tunkimayo Cafe
It wasn’t until my fourth stay in Tacna that I tried Tunkimayo, really out of desperation. I saw it my first time there, but it just didn’t look like a nomad cafe to me. Just goes to show how looks can be deceiving. It’s actually the best place in town (that I’ve found anyways). They are totally cool with you just getting some espresso drink and working. They have two locations, to the east and the west of the main plaza. Plenty of seating, good wifi (which can be hard to find in Tacna), and outlets too. The hours are 8am to 11pm every day.

Capriccio also seems to be alright. This location is right by quite a pleasant little side plaza (hidden off to the right). On one of my visits to Tacna, their wifi never seemed to be working, but they were good the other times. Lots of comfy seats available, and some outlets too. Their hours are from 8am to 10pm every day.

Just a tip here that the websites that give bus information seem to only list companies that run like one or two buses a day between Tacna and Arequipa. For some mysterious reason, they do not list Flores, which runs buses like every hour, including cama buses. Note that Flores also has its own terminals in both cities. You want to ask for “Terminal Flores.”

Have a good stay in Tacna!