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Practical Guide to Colca Canyon for Digital Nomads

Visiting Colca Canyon as a digital nomad is fundamentally different from how most people do it, which is to get a van out of Arequipa at 3am, drive the 5 hours to Cabanaconde, hike into the canyon for 4 hours,… Continue Reading →

Cabanaconde, Colca Canyon, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Cabanaconde is kind of the main base camp for hikes down to the floor of Colca Canyon. So you are really supposed to be “hiking and stuff.” I had deadlines, though, as practically always. The perfect opportunity to [smile] check… Continue Reading →

Chivay, Peru, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Chivay is the official entryway to Colca Canyon, and I think it is really kind of a breath of fresh air after a lot of time in bigger cities. Chivay is small but charming, with some crisp mountain air, and… Continue Reading →

Arequipa, Peru, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Arequipa! The White City! The second largest city in Peru! But practically no one has ever heard of it! It is, however, an excellent city for digital nomads – the best in Peru, in my humble opinion. It is stacked… Continue Reading →

Puno, Peru, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

The famous Floating Islands of Uros, pictured above, are really the big attraction in Puno, and well worth going to see. As far as the digital nomad cafe scene, I must inform you, Puno is not the place to find… Continue Reading →

Urubamba, Peru, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Urubamba is a small town about an hour by bus from Cusco. There are a few reasons one might visit it: first, it is 2000 feet lower in elevation than Cusco (at 9000 feet, as opposed to the 11,000 in… Continue Reading →

Cuenca: More than Meets the Eye

Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador, with a population of around 500,000, and is a major center for education and the arts. It is also a popular destination for retired expats, since the cost of living is very… Continue Reading →

Cusco, Peru, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Basically, the key to finding the nice nomad-style cafes in Cusco is to head to the San Blas area. This is about 10 minutes walk east from the main plaza, and up some stairs on the way. San Blas is… Continue Reading →

Salento, Colombia, Digital Nomad Wifi Cafes

Salento is one of these wonderfully picturesque little Colombian towns. In fact, I have heard that it is the most picturesque little town, and it certainly gets many visitors. It is quite small, and I did not find any of… Continue Reading →

Getting Wifi Service through a Mobile Hotspot

Most people reading here probably know about using a mobile hotspot to get wifi, but I am posting this up to help out those who may not. What I have personally found is that most rentals include wifi, or it… Continue Reading →

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