Most people reading here probably know about using a mobile hotspot to get wifi, but I am posting this up to help out those who may not.

What I have personally found is that most rentals include wifi, or it is available for a small surcharge. Often, the landlord or landlady has an apartment in the complex, and they have a router, and it is normal for the residents to just use that. This is, I think, the best and easiest option for getting wifi, especially since many digital nomads don’t stay for a long time.

Having said that, finding a decent apartment can sometimes be tough in a strange country. So if you find a good one, but the only thing it is lacking is wifi, this is a workaround that is pretty easy.

The one thing you will need is an unlocked phone. This is one reason I recommend travelling with two phones, at least one of which is unlocked. So just take your phone to the main cellular provider, and buy their SIM card, which is normally very inexpensive. You will also need to purchase a data plan, and these are also normally not costly. Once you have these two and have inserted the SIM card, navigate on your phone to wifi, and you will normally find the mobile hotspot option somewhere there. For example, it is generally under “tethering.” Turn it on, and it will either automatically give a wifi identifier and password, or you can set these to what you want. Then, you can connect other phones or your laptop to this wifi, just as you normally would. Just instead of the data going through a wired connection, it is going through the cellular connection.

If you don’t have an unlocked phone, you can always buy an inexpensive phone from the local carrier, or a router that receives the cellular signal.

This method of getting wifi service in your apartment is generally much easier than signing up for normal wifi service. Nomads will not have a citizenship card, and probably don’t speak the language. This can make setting up regular wired wifi a challenge. On top of this, full wifi service often requires purchase of a whole package with cable and phone, and may be for a minimum of 6 months, or even as long as 18 months. Therefore, this route of using a mobile hotspot is easier and preferable, if wifi is not included or available already.

One thing to note is that normal wired wifi is better and faster than using a mobile hotspot. So if it is available or included, better to use it, and skip the mobile hotspot method. This method is for if you find a good place, but it is just missing wifi.